I grew up in San Diego, spent most of my adult life in NYC, then after a short detour in Venice, CA I now live in Northern California with my wife Lisa and our son, Ronan. Though I'm in California now I do like to get back to the East Coast as much as possible and still book as a local to NYC + Brooklyn. 

The simple goal when I am shooting a wedding is to capture the full story of a couple's day.  Each wedding is unique with its own story and I enjoy nothing more than seeing each wedding day unfold.  By using a documentary approach, my intention is to capture not only the big moments and details from the day but also the little personal interactions that happen between friends and loved ones.

Along with taking photos, my real job is to help each couple celebrate their wedding day in the best possible way.  I work to give each couple a creative and relaxed atmosphere to shine and, once that happens, I find the photos almost take themselves.